Your snoring and sleep apnea treatment is broken down into 6 appointments: 

Appointment #1: Free Consultation

Your first visit to Dr. Snore is for a free consultation. During your consultation, you will be carefully examined and your sleep apnea status will be evaluated.  Upon the completion of a full and elaborate in-office examination, you will receive a Home Sleep Test Device. You will sleep with this device and return it to Dr. Snore the following morning. The data from the home sleep test will undergo evaluation by a Dr. Snore Sleep Specialist.

Appointment #2: Evaluation and Diagnosis 

Upon return to Dr. Snore, your sleep specialist will sit down with you to explain the results of your in office evaluation and home sleep test. If sleep apnea is found to be a factor, the Dr. Snore Solution will be presented to you. The Dr. Snore Solution is an FDA approved Full Breath Oral Appliance. If sleep apnea is diagnosed, an impression of your dental arches will be taken and sent to a certified FDA dental lab, where your personalized Full Breath Oral Appliance will be developed.

Appointment #3: Receive and Adjust your Fill Breath Oral Appliance 

Upon your return to Dr. Snore, your Full Breath Oral Appliance will be adjusted to your mouth in order to ensure your comfort.  Dr. Snore will teach you how to insert and remove your oral appliance as well as educate you about proper maintenance of your oral appliance.

Appointments #4, 5 and 6: Follow – Up with Dr. Snore 

Dr. Snore would like to see you every 2 weeks in order to adjust your appliance and monitor your progress.

After 3 Months: 

An additional follow-up  appointment is scheduled after 3 months. Dr. Snore cares about your well-being and would like to conduct a new sleep test after 3 months in order to compare the results of your sleep pattern and track your improvements.


Can’t wait to book your Free Consultation? Great! Dr. Snore can’t wait to meet you either!