During your consultation, our sleep professional will review your medical history and symptoms. You will then be given a state of the art Home Sleep Test. This appliance is specialized to monitor your snoring and sleeping patterns. Your personal data will then be reviewed by a sleep professional who will  be able to diagnose your sleep apnea status.

Snoring is a symptom highly correlated with sleep apnea. If you snore and have sleep apnea symptoms, you should schedule a free consultation with one of our Dr-Snore professionals.

Getting a Sleep Apnea diagnosis by a sleep specialist is necessary for multiple reasons.

Some of the major reasons are:

  • The highly trained Sleep Physician that studies your sleep results is the only person capable of diagnosing you. He or she has special training and is able to interpret the “raw data” from your test results.
  • The Dr. Snore professionals cannot treat you without a clear understanding of your sleep pattern.
  • Most major medical insurance providers require a diagnosis before evaluating and granting your benefits.

The Dr. Snore Solution is a personalized snoring and sleep apnea program. Each patient is given a customized mouth appliance, which is properly fit and adjusted to his/her mouth, ensuring proper breathing through the airway.

As a Dr. Snore patient, your personalized program will treat and monitor your:

  •  snoring
  • fatigue
  • number of apneic events or airway blockages per hour
  • restfulness in the morning
  • need for naps throughout the day
  • resting blood pressure
  • ability to exercise
  • general well-being

Using this data, we are able to create a program customized to your individual needs.


The Dr. Snore solution is broken down into 6 office visits, each with a vital step towards your ultimate health. You can find more information about these visits here: The Dr. Snore Solution Course of Treatment

Your first visit to Dr. Snore is for a free consultation. During your consultation, you will be carefully examined and your sleep apnea status will be evaluated.  Upon the completion of a full and elaborate in-office examination, you will receive a Home Sleep Test Device. You will sleep with this device and return it to Dr. Snore the following morning. The data from your home sleep test will undergo evaluation by a Dr. Snore Sleep Specialist, who will contact you with your results.

Yes. If you have previously done a sleep test elsewhere, we suggest that you obtain a copy and bring it with you to your consultation with Dr. Snore.

The “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure” (CPAP) machine blows air through a fitted face mask in order to push your tongue away from the airway. The Full Breath Appliance is a small, customized mouthpiece with a bar that fits across your tongue preventing it  from falling and blocking your airway.

No. If you have severe sleep apnea and can tolerate the CPAP machine, Dr. Snore encourages you to continue your CPAP treatment. The Dr. Snore solution is catered to snorers, mild and moderate sleep apnea sufferers, and severe sleep apnea cases that cannot tolerate the CPAP machine.

Yes. In fact, many patients suffering from sleep disorders grind their teeth. The Full-Breath Appliance that is worn every night will replace the need for any other appliance.

Being overweight is the single biggest factor associated with snoring and sleep apnea. When someone is overweight, their tongue does not need to fall back as far as a healthy weight individual, to partially or fully block their airway. When the patient loses weight, this reduces the burden on the body and lessens the blockage.

You can read more about the affect of weight on snoring and sleep apnea here: Overweight, Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Yes.  If you suffer from snoring and sleep apnea and are given the Full-Breath Appliance, your nightly oxygen intake and the overall quality of your sleep will increase. Without the chronic fatigue caused by sleep apnea, you will be more energectic, more able to exercise and therefore lose weight.


Dr. Snore’s customized mouthpiece is designed to allow nasal or mouth breathing. You can wear this mouthpiece even if you have a cold, are congested, or have a habit of breathing through your mouth.

Yes. Dental appliances can trigger salivation. The body perceives any object which enters the mouth to be food, therefore producing saliva. This production of saliva leads some patients to experience an increase in salivation. However, if this does happen, the salivation usually decreases as the patient adjusts to the mouthpiece.